The effect on our lives that social networks have


The effect of social networks on our existence

Social networks and blogs are becoming more relevant in our lives, whether by request, reserved for experts, or available to everyone. With millions of followers - with more than 2.13 billion monthly users on Facebook - they are established as contact and transformation instruments. For instance, for those who sign up, social networks provide benefits, but also certain pitfalls. We mention some of the impacts here.

The drawbacks in Social Networking

Tools to interact

For company organizations and service suppliers, social networks have rapidly become a promotional weapon. They are, therefore, vectors of development, of mobilization. The Spring's protagonists overthrew three regimes in 2011 by speaking with them.

Tools for Details

Press companies and communication organizations remind their members (followers) of the latest news developments through social networks. Forget of unique bulletins, and Twitter fans are hit easily via messages. And their delivery is complimentary.

Tools for reconciliation

These same social networks cause lost relationships, former romantic partners, formerly respected classmates, even distant relatives to be identified. They remain good instruments for receiving news from loved ones. Some of their own family have heard of births and losses.

Tools for sharing

Several social networks, YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion, cause photos to be disseminated to transform the environment or contribute to interventions in some of the world's hot spots. Good indicators of their efficacy are the tiny videos of the reprisals against the western and eastern protesters.

Improving Tools

For several, these same social networks often serve to boost their egos. They reveal their victories, their milestones, and minimize their defeats. In short, in addition to reinforcing the feeling of belonging to a given community, the followers will present themselves in a beneficial, even narcissistic light.

Relational Instruments

Each social network gives the prospect of multiplying partnerships, creating new ones, fantasizing about people who support our demands for friendship. There, others find passion. There, some find distant friends who, one day, might invite them on vacation, as long as the connection is formed.

A Loneliness Remedy

Loneliness, the disease of the century, threatens the well-being of countless individuals. Social networks, though, fill some of this emotional vacuum and slow down suicidal feelings, often.

The downside of social networks

But though they offer certain advantages, social networks, such as Facebook, can be the greatest and the worst.


In the Northside of the modern world and among our close friends/cousins, bullying finds its position on social networks as a fashionable subject. Ill-intentioned persons use it to threaten peers, classmates, or schoolmates. Without censorship, young and old both write insulting or derogatory posts and have fun.


For certain entities, these networks are often seen as an instrument of vengeance. You would certainly recall this rejected guy who shared private images of his ex-girlfriend in retaliation or this teenager who revealed the double life of an employee of the school board who developed into films reserved for adults in her spare time.


Tales of horror abound. To locate and seduce little girls and adolescents and then attack them, pedophiles often utilize social networks. Will we have to explain further?

Life at the technical stage

These networks are a veritable mine of data for hiring or dismissing workers for several employers. Sometimes a few pictures of a drinking group, adventurous or personal photographs, are enough to rule out a claimant. Similarly, derogatory thoughts about your role can give you a reprimand or dismissal.

Life in secret

It will create complications to let your 'mates' know about facets of your privacy. After revealing, with much fanfare, a Caribbean tour, how many Facebook followers were robbed? Or the other lady who, after sharing photographs of herself on vacation down south, got her unemployment insurance coverage revoked.

Via cybercrime

Hackers, via social media, are masters in identity fraud. To obtain access to your records, others do it. To steal substantial passwords and numbers, some hack into your computer: social security, debit accounts, payment cards, and more.

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